Monday, 19 May 2008

The First Day of THE CLOCK HOUR

Good day.

I've decided that, if I'm going to blog at all on this here Blogger thing, that I may as well blog about the Edinburgh show I'm working on. I sort of write and perform-ish with a sketch group called The Real Daniel O'Donnell Show once a month at Lowdown @ The Albany, Great Portland Street, London. Anyways, we're taking our brand new show, The Clock Hour, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year and I, for one, am very excited about it. It really is a very, very new show. In as much as we haven't written it yet. Still, we a week or something until our first preview, so that's fine.

Today is meeting day. I'm pretending that it'll be the first of our The Clock Hour meetings but it isn't really. In fact we tried out some of the new material at the last Daniel Show and some of it worked and some little bits didn't. Titles of sketches so far are Murder, Red Button, Reunion of the Unexpected and Coma. We have lots of other stuff that might make it too but today we'll be concentrating on the filmed sketches that will be thrown into the show somewhere. You can see some of our stuff on youtube, I think. Actually, I just looked and there are LOADS of things from us on Youtube but it MAKES NO SENSE unless you've actually been to our show. There's one sketch that starts off with someone called Grill Linkston winning the Best Actor at the "Arthurs" but he can't be there to recieve his award so he left this very special message.......

Hopefully, that makes sense. Might not. I really hope something HILARIOUS happens today at the meeting because I really don't want to blog a load of look-at-all-the-hard-work-we're-doing crap that everyone else does. Hopefully, as this goes on, it'll just be stupid. I like stupid. In the meantime, here's a picture that is NOT the poster to our show. Enjoy.

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