Wednesday, 21 May 2008


OK, so nothing really brilliant happened at the meeting. Also, the word "meeting" is pretty much null and void when it comes to us discussing our Edinburgh Show. It's not really a "meeting" if we're just going to drink heavily and discuss what we think a Crystal Spock might look like.

But we MET and that's the main thing. We met at The Blue Posts in Newman Street which has a fantastic new Banksy graffitti right outside it. It's really quite lovely. He really knows how to stick it up The Man. Ben Walker, our very director, joined us and told us how shit we all are and, of course, he's completely right. He must be. He works for Radio 4, for God's sake! He talked us through the entire list of all the sketches we have for the show so far and, I'm very happy to say, that they're all staying in the show! Except the one I wrote. I wouldn't have minded but Ben also approved another sketch that he hasn't even seen. That's how AWFUL my sketch was. Oh, yes.

Actually, I was the one who didn't want it in there. Not that anyone argued with me. It had a few good lines in it ("She's only blind in one eye", "Yes, but she's blind in one eye twice") but that's it. The good news is that my Oscars sketch is now in there. I'm very happy as it's the favouritest thing I've written for the Daniel Show. A rough version (that doesn't make sense) can be seen below

That was made for us by Art War Entertainment. They're good. I'll post more of their videos on here. You'll love the "News Series One DVD" ad they made. You'll LOVE it, I says.
More crap soon. Right, I'm off to hospital. Bye!

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