Tuesday, 22 June 2010


What a sad time it is for comedy. Yesterday Chortle broke the news of the death of a rival comedy website reviewer and paid tribute to her by pointing out her spelling mistakes and biased reviews, something you could never accuse Chortle itself of doing. Then it broke the news that the great Frank Sidebottom had passed away. I didn't click on Chortle's report of the story purely for fear that it showed this extremely funny and original comedian respect by calling him a big fat cunt or something. Chortle have obviously realised that being dead is THE comedy angle of 2010 and has started an anti-being dead bandwagon for us all to jump on. It's a classy site and no mistake.

That said, I'm slightly impressed that, despite trying to stir up pointless shit about Rufus Hound "stealing" a joke, Chortle kept the line "Mr Bennett: If you don't understand that, in the world of live comedy, mud sticks and that you have just a little responsibility to double-check before you fling it, go fuck yourself" in Rufus' response to them. Chortle even, sort of, apologised to Rufus. Sometimes I think that Chortle is really growing up. And then there are days like yesterday.

You'll no doubt agree with me that the most awful thing to happen to comedy recently, or indeed ever, is the news that Jack Whitehall, despite all the press and media opportunities he has been allowed, is still insisting he is 21. He's been 21 for two fucking years. Mind you, he will be ageing rapidly now. I mean his career is definitely OVER. Like nearly everyone in the entertainment or journalism business, Jack Whitehall took a bad drug and, like nearly everyone in the entertainment or journalism business, his career must be thrown into the bin of destroyed dreams and watery shit. Jack will just have to join the failed ranks of Russell Brand, Robin Williams and Otto from The Simpsons who would all have had promising careers in comedy were it not for their evil need to drug up (is that the right phrase?). OK, so he wasn't exactly a household name when he ended up in the News Of The World photographed with a line of coke and, with other TV appearances and an Edinburgh run to promote, it might look to the untrained eye that the picture was probably sent in by his management but THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUE. And now we will never hear of Jack again. Yes, yes, yes, his talent should see him out of this one and he's got that new Stand Up For The Week on Channel 4 but, come on, no-one ever made a career after being caught with drugs even if he's proven that cocaine keeps you looking two years younger than you actually are.

Shame. I thought he was a very nice young man.

By the way, this is Day 4 of the toilet defeating me. It's hacksaw day.


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