Wednesday, 21 November 2012



As you may or may not know, I used to blog a lot. About 5 or 6 times a week. The blogs were generally about me being upset with a minor inconvenience like running out of salt or threatening a child by demanding he gave me his shoe. Sadly, I had to stop blogging due to illness. Laziness IS an illness so don't start fucking lecturing me that it isn't. Suffereing from laziness is just as bad as any other life threatening disease. You never know, it could be that NO ONE has ever died of cancer but in fact millions of people have died due to the laziness of researchers looking into a cure for cancer. So, you see, it really is as serious as anything you can think of. But, unlike those people who sit around all day waiting for a cure to be just handed to them, I've decided to battle my disease bravely. That's right, my blog is coming back.

As of Monday the 26th November, my grumpy blog will be available on Facebook, Blogger and Tumblr five days a week. That also means the return of the Blogging For The Blind podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes. All these things are free and quite sweary, I imagine.

Also, you can see me performing What A Shame at the Betsey Trotwood tomorrow night along with Simon Donald's brilliant School Of Swearing. Two shows for £5. Please come along and support this fun night. Buy tickets here:

So put up some bunting, alert your friends and all hail return of the "shouting into the abyss" that is my blog. I wonder what has been pissing me off recently?

If you're too lazy to read my blog or are in fact blind then why not subscribe to Blogging For The Blind at or look up Michael Legge on iTunes and subscribe there for free also. Thanks.This blog is also available on Kindle but I don't recommend you get that. It's bollocks.

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Zaz said...

Hooray! I'm a cranky bastard but I'm too lazy to complain about things so I need you to do it for me.