Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Custard Piety.

I hate comedians. Joyless, po-faced, unfunny and incredibly thick. Did you see them on Twitter yesterday afternoon? Every one of them was glued to their TV's so they could come up with more ways of pointing and laughing at an 80 year old man. A poor, defenceless, frail old evil tyrant was mocked by young, cutting edge comedians in their 40s. These people, some of whom have written stuff for The Now Show, saw a delicate octogenarian and they ridiculed him in public. And it was brilliant. Being on Twitter yesterday was a joy. There was no way that you could have kept up with the jokes because there was a constant barrage of them. And it started brilliantly. When Rupert Murdoch interrupted his son to say "This is the most humble day of my life", Twitter practically popped the cork on it's #bottleofchampagne and the party started. It was great, gripping TV and it was a pleasure sharing it with funny people. Then a comedian ruined everything.

Some attention seeking openspot who will remain nameless - and by that I mean he got his biggest spot of global telly exposure ever and I've forgotten his name already - ran up to Rupert Murdoch and threw a custard pie in his face. That was when the comedians of Twitter all stopped laughing. Because someone had made a joke.

Apparently, this had ruined the whole legal process of bringing the Murdochs to justice which confused me because I could have sworn it was just REALLY, REALLY FUNNY. It's Rupert Murdoch getting A CUSTARD PIE IN THE FACE. That is brilliant. It was over two hours into the hearing and we were bored and a man came along and made it interesting again. We'd had two hours of "I don't know", "I don't know" and "I don't know but I will check" and a clown PIED RUPERT MURDOCH IN THE FACE. Even better, Murdoch's wife got up and punched the comedian. Say what you like about Rupert, he's got great taste in women. I'd fall in love with anyone who would punch a comedian on live television. It's what comedians are for. But the comedians on Twitter should genuinely feel ashamed of themselves. They all got so tediously righteous from that moment on that it made me sick. "He has ruined this trial". No, he didn't. "He is making a mockery of justice". Erm, I don't think it was him that did that. "How could anyone attack an 80 year old man like that?" IT'S MURDOCH.

Has the custard pie really overshadowed the main story? Not in the slightest. Has it made this comedian famous? No and if Graham Linehan would kindly shut up about him it never will. Being so utterly pious is the least attractive trait of anyone but when a comedian gets pompous it's just pathetic. Have they forgotten what they do for a living? The pie in the face is a classic gag and it was good to see it back on TV, also it's good to see a comedian on TV targeting someone in a position of power and not just making jokes about blind children. I mean, it's not as if Rupert Murdoch was on the ropes, was it? Was he about to break down and confess? A man threw a pie and the comedy world turned into Bono.

I dunno. Maybe it's me. I just find authority figures being embarrassed really funny. Newspaper magnates, high court judges, civil servants. Last night I was enjoying a beer outside a pub near where the Hackgate Enquiry was going on. There must have been 20 civil servants standing outside drinking and being all civilly servanty. Then a sewage worker came along and lifted up a manhole cover. 30 seconds later, the civil servants got hit by a stream of shit and piss. Comedians would never have found that funny. Bloody comedians.

Remember: Only a comedian would be a contestant on Show Me The Funny. Only a comedian would have "Star of Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow" on their poster. Only a comedian would write, produce, direct and star in Mrs. Brown's Boys. They are NOT to be trusted.

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Mr Swerve said...

I agree.

I didn't watch the proceedings on T.V, I preferred to listen to it on the radio whilst watching the tweets roll in. As luck would have it this allowed me to focus on the commentary from the comedy great and good.

It wasn't great to see.

Prior to this, I had been trying to engage many of the celeb twitterers with their views on cancelling Sky subs as an effective civil protest (News Corp own a controlling 39.1%). These same celeb twitterers who had been attacking Murdoch, Brooks et al almost constantly.

Didn't get a dickie bird in response. Nowt. Nada.

However, when I made a "custardy" joke, or tweeted a pic of Bea from Prisoner Cell Block H (satire on R. Brooks) they got retweeted left right and centre.

My conclusion: It's all about control and ego. They *think* they are doing something with their satire and criticisms, but when some nobjockey does a pie gag, this control is suddenly removed. He basically did more in ONE ACT than all of them have done combined. They hate that, hence the reaction.

This also explains the lack of feedback/support on Sky subs. It would be bad for their "careers", just like Pie bloke was bad for their Twitter "ego".

I'll buy you a pint one day Mr Legge.

Anonymous said...

You're spot on. I dared to say much the same thing on YouTube's comments yesterday (I know, I know) and am just recovering from the barrage of twat-mail.

Anonymous said...

Pie in the face is ALWAYS funny! It's even funnier when it's someone as powerful as Murdoch. Comedians, be funny, or shut the fuck up. Yay for Legge

Ben said...

Twitter was very funny yesterday. Comedians were all being funny about the Murdoch questioning. the best bit of Twitter yesterday were @jeremylimb tweets interspersing the #hackgate stream with his made up episode of Countdown.

I agree about the piety (lol, probably incorrectly spelled pun, lol) it pissed me off, it was a fucking custard pie, that is always funny.

Mick.S said...

I just don't like the idea of someone cynically using a situation like this to raise their profile.
The man is clearly an attention whore.
Also, the notion of it being genuine harm or a pie in the face bothers me not.
The pie in the face just lacked any real wit in my opinion.
On the other hand the Berlusconi cathedral in the face was hilarious, AND cause genuine physical damage to his face.
I don't know precisely why i didn't find it tickling my funny bone.
Perhaps if he'd have whacked him round the face with an oversized novelty telephone or a giant rubber dildo or something.

Stuart said...

Tbh, it felt like the soapboxing started once comedians realised the flanmeister was one of their own.

I work in a bank, so I've had to suffer all the comedians jibes, riff and routines about 'Bankers', despite me having about as much say in the economy as a pig does about where the pork scratchings they make out of (charitably) his Arse are sold.

Not everyone who works in a bank is trying to screw everyone else to raise shareprices.

That is like equating all comedians and entertainers are nonces because of Langham, King & Glitter.

That's why it felt like a communal 'get away from us you fool, you'll drown us all'